Startup Ideas That Investors Really Want to Fund

Startup Ideas That Investors Really Want to Fund

There is no mystery when it comes to what start-up ideas investors are looking to plough money in to. There are many business types that are extremely investable although they can be very difficult to get in to and become established. With a bit of hard work and dedication however you could become the next tech superstar or telecommunications giant. Below I have identified just a small selection of highly investable business types that you should seriously consider if you are looking to set up your own start-up.

1. Artificial intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is certainly an area that is in it infancy. AI is a revolutionary technology but as yet there have been no breakthroughs of any significance meaning a new business with the right resources and ideas could come in and really shake things up. Businesses that show promise in this sector often get the attention of the government and military who obviously have large amounts of money to invest.

2. Robotics

The robotics sector has been established for quite some time but is certainly not at the peak of its lifecycle yet. Robotics are used heavily in manufacturing around the world as well as military applications. The next key market where robotics will begin to develop extremely quickly is the consumer market and this is where new start-ups in this sector should focus their attention. Adapting military robotics technology for consumer application is one area that should really be explored. Software is also a key part of robotics so if you are an experienced programmer with an interest in the robotics sector there maybe a place for you.

3. Biotech

Biotech is a sector that has seen rapid gains in recent year with heavy investment and big breakthroughs happening on a regular basis. The Biotech industries ultimate aim is to make the human race disease free and forever young and this goal is now almost within reach. There are however significant moral questions that complicate the Biotech sector. If you have a great idea that is both revolutionary and yet ethical you could become the next big thing in Biotech.

4. Healthcare

This sector is crying out for start-ups who can come in and save patients money (especially in the United States where healthcare is far too expensive and really not ver effective). Medical insurance is an area of the healthcare sector where a start-up could enter and providing it had a good idea supported by the right level of funding make a real difference. It is also worth thinking about preventative healthcare and how a new start-up could provide new solutions.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Its a fact that medical drugs need to be developed quicker and at less expense. In particular preventative drugs are a market that is currently in need of new talent and investment. Do you have a pharmaceutical background and a desire to help people? Then this sector could be perfect for your start-up.

6. Food and Water

In today's world food and even water have so much added to them that many people are starting to get concerned about what they are consuming. There is a massive market for 100% organic food and drink with many start-ups in this area performing very well. This sector is in need of more innovative start-ups with investors eager to back the next big thing.

7. Education

Education is constantly changing, the education world today is massively different from when I was part of the system 15 or so years ago. The evolution of new technologies are changing the way people teach and this is massively positive and allows a wealth of information to now be available quickly and easily. For a new start-up looking to contribute to the education sector there a masses of opportunities and potential to really change to way people learn. From apps to digital lecturing platforms there is a lot of scope to easily enter this sector and secure the backing you need to make you ideas a reality.

8. Internet Infrastructure

As many people are aware nowadays the internet is by no means perfect. It is vulnerable to many threats including government agencies, hacking and even natural disasters. Start-ups looking to get in to this exiting sector should focus on security. Anything that makes user data more secure is very attractive to potential investors.

9. Government

Believe it or not a start-up purely aimed at working with the government is an extremely viable option. Governments often have a multitude of archiving systems, software solutions and other infrastructure elements that are out-dated and unreliable. Many start-ups have proposed ideas to areas of government offering to streamline and make their processes more efficient and received backing based on their proposal. Do you you have an idea or solution that would suit?

10. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR sound more intimidating than they actually are. I have extensive experience of working with augmented reality and the concept is simple with masses of applications. If you have experience in this field and have the means to produce VR and AR software with business applications then these sectors need you! AR and VR are really coming in to their own in today's world and are only set to get bigger.

11. Science

A start-up will find it difficult thriving in the world of science as many labs are funded by large companies and governments meaning unless you have serious money behind you it won't be an easy ride. However these businesses funded by large entities are usually heavily dictated to and are not free to pursue their own research ideas. Therefore if you have a great idea or ideas then it is definitely possible to set up an independent lab possibly backed using crowd-funding methods.

12. Transportation

With the massive shift recently towards small autonomous vehicles running on clean energy and efficient to run means opportunities are arising in the personal and public transportation marketplace for new businesses to enter and make an impact. Innovative ideas are welcomed during what is currently and industry in the early stages. Other players currently exploring ideas in this area include Apple and Google to name but a few. Do not let this put you off as they are certainly not the leaders in this field with smaller independent businesses set to be the big players in years to come.

13. Programming

Programming has always been the perfect area for start-ups to enter easily and establish themselves quickly. That still rings true today and although the sector is heavily saturated with talent there is certainly room for more. The good thing is you do not need masses of funding to be successful, an individual working from their bedroom can become the next big thing very quickly providing their idea is good.

14. Diversity

It is a sad truth that historically some demographics have less social and financial success. It doesn't have to be this way and there are opportunities for start-up businesses to really contribute to shifting this dynamic especially in the work environment and education system.

15. Developing Countries

Developing countries provide start-ups with masses of opportunity, poor logistics and infrastructure combined with high demand for improvement are the dream conditions for a start-up to be successful.

16. Enterprise Software

The consumer software market moves quicker than the enterprise (Software for business) software market. Bad software often used by medium to large businesses is really in need of improvement as it affects their efficiency and increases costs. Improved software for businesses provides a start-up with masses of opportunity especially if you can sell the benefits of improved efficiency and cost savings.

17. Financial Services

The financial services market is wide open for investment advice start-ups that focus on low to mid net-worth individuals. Investment advice and services for the wealthy are readily available but it is wrongly assumed that people with less disposable income have no requirement meaning there is an unsaturated market full of potential.

18. Telecommunications

So we have Skype and Whatsapp which allow us to communicate with people over long distance quickly and easily but whats next? There are no immediate breakthroughs on the horizon meaning a start-up with the right idea could really come in and step things up in this sector.

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